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Bob Shiers

Bob Shiers, author of A Useful Guide to Managing People

Bob Shiers, author of ...

  • A Useful Guide to Appraisals
  • A Useful Guide to Being a Good Boss
  • A Useful Guide to Budgeting
  • A Useful Guide to Feedback
  • A Useful Guide to Induction
  • A Useful Guide to Managing Behaviour
  • A Useful Guide to Managing Money
  • A Useful Guide to Managing People
  • A Useful Guide to Team Communication
  • A Useful Guide to Training Needs Analysis

... lives in Suffolk, near to the sea.

He's had 15 years experience in the food industry culminating in managing what was then the largest food processing plant in Europe. He maintained good relations with 850 people and excellent returns for the shareholders.

Following this success he spent 14 years with the Industrial Society helping to promote best practice in leadership and management. Since then he has worked as a freelance trainer and believes that treating people correctly is essential to the success of any enterprise.

He's a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

When he is not writing or delivering training he spends time with his family, sails and cooks.