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Become a Business Coach

Becoming a business coach is perfect for those who are either looking for a change of career, or those already in a management or supervisory position and wish to add the ability to provide business coaching to their employees with the ultimate objective of increasing their performance in the workplace.

The term business coaching can be applied to two differing situations. On the one hand it can be used to describe an external business coach who provides coaching to a manager or executive. They act as an impartial sounding board with whom the manager can interact with through discussion to resolve problems and issues which the manager may currently be encountering, or are concerned about happening in the future. The external and impartial business coach, who will be able to bestow their experience and wisdom on the executive or manager being coached, can be a tremendous boon to the development of the manager in their career, and more immediately, in their current role.

Alternatively, it can be used to describe the process of a manager using business coaching techniques to improve various aspects of their employees in their particular section or department. This will often be to increase motivation, performance, productivity or staff retention levels to name just a few. A manager who provides business coaching to their workers can bring about great benefits, but must also take into account that the discussions they have are likely to be less frank and honest as they would be with an external business coach who is unbiased and not friends with other people in the building, which raises the potential for them to let slip what has been said.

When looking to become a business coach, qualifications such as the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring are an ideal starting point, and are provided by training and development organisations such as The BCF Group in Nottingham.