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Learning and Training Support

One of the biggest challenges in maximising the return on your employee training investment is to support individual participants' learning retention and to realise new found skills, knowledge and attitudes after a particular event.

Without learning retention and new behaviours there is little return on your training investment.

Post event support dramatically increases the chances of the participants retaining their learning and changing their behaviour. To try and maximise learning retention the following usually help ...

To help with this we provide 12 months of tailored Learning Support which can include all, or any combination of, the following ...

  1. Monthly follow up emails with reminders of key learning points, additional reading/activities, quizzes etc.
  2. Pre/post event briefing notes for the participants and their line managers
  3. Unlimited telephone and email support to help with any participant queries/issues relating to the event content
  4. Business coaching can be extremely beneficial in addition or instead of classroom training courses
  5. A private online forum where participants and tutors can debate any relevant issues the participants would like to raise
  6. Mentoring support on a 1 to 1 coaching basis with individual participants
  7. Workplace observation and feedback for participants to give them confidence they are using their learning appropriately. This can also be used to provide "witness testimonies" for National Vocational Qualifications
  8. Online training courses that reinforce the event content and give a different perspective
  9. Review events at which participants present to their line managers and the training sponsor how they are using their learning and how the organisation is benefiting from the training investment.
  10. Access to our Learning Support Centre which hosts Business Resources, Podcasts, Services and Tools.
  11. And more!

Through our sister companies, we can also provide a range of learning and development programmes including management training, business coaching, sales training, communication skills & health and safety courses.