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Business Coaching and Team Integration

Business coaching is largely regarded as an activity which focuses solely on the development of an individual's skills and performance in the workplace, attempting to help identify and create action plans to break down and overcome the metaphorical barriers which are preventing them from reaching their full potential. Whilst this may be its primary function, in actual fact business coaching can be utilised to great effect in the task of team integration and developing teams to function more effectively together.

Whilst many team building events simply get workers together to solve problems, or just partake in a fun activity such as paintballing or go-karting, these events often fail to explain and convey the reasons as to why it is so important for the group to work together and how their cohesiveness makes a difference to achieving the company's goals and objectives. Spending time with individuals to discuss the importance of teamworking not only gets the message across to them, but also provides a vital opportunity for employees to discuss with their manager the reasons as to why teamwork is not currently at the level required by management.

Business coaching and executive coaching sessions

Either business coaching or team building activities on their own will more often than not provide some benefit, but combining business coaching sessions with team building events by running the two concurrently will provide the greatest effects. In some ways business coaching meetings will help to provide the theory behind why team cohesion is so important, whilst the activities allow workers to practice and put into place the action plans discussed with the coach in order to work more effectively with their colleagues.