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Using Business Coaching to Change Attitudes

Business coaching can be utilised to bring about a wide range of results. Often used in conjunction with training and other methods of personal and professional development, business coaching is a powerful tool in any manager's or personnel officer's toolbox for the development of their team, or themselves for that matter.

Along with breaking down the metaphorical barriers which are responsible for preventing a manager or employee from fulfilling their potential and increasing their overall contribution to the company, the provision of business coaching can also be used to change attitudes.

The attitude of a person, no matter where they are situated in the company hierarchy, will significantly affect their performance, commitment to the company, motivation, and ultimately their effectiveness in the job role which they are in. A person with a poor attitude will not be contributing anywhere near as much to the company as they could if they were highly motivated to do so, and as such will not be fully-committed to helping the business achieve its goals and objectives.

In every case a lack of motivation and desire will be caused by one or more issues which are having an adverse effect upon the person and negatively affecting their attitude towards work and the overall success of the organisation. These issues and reasons can be wide ranging and many, and are often not easy to get out of a person, particularly if the issues are related to the person running the coaching session! Business coaching, particularly those meetings facilitated by a business coach who is external to the company and therefore free of all bias or personal relationships, can get to the heart of identifying what these issues are.

Once identified, positive action plans can be created which seek to tackle these concerns. The time spent on addressing these issues will often be extremely worthwhile, as rectifying the situation and removing/breaking down these barriers will then enable the person to be much more focused and motivated towards helping their company to be a success.

Changing attitudes begins with identifying the concerns and then putting in the effort or taking steps to overcome them. Business coaching is ideally suited to this task as it provides support and assistance at every step along the way from initial discussions with the coach to identify the problems, through the often difficult time period of making the changes, to evaluating the success of the changes made and the possible identification and need to address other issues.

Once challenges have been overcome and attitudes significantly improved, employees or managers will be far more effective in their specific job role as they are now more motivate and have an increased desire to see the business succeed.