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Coaching for Improving Performance

Probably the main reason for considering the provision of business coaching is to improve performance. It is by no means the only objective and outcome associated with business coaching and executive coaching, but the goal of improving performance is high on the agenda because it can provide fantastic financial benefits for the company over a long period of time.

Why do Employees Not Perform at Maximum Potential All of the Time?

The individual reasons for an employee not performing at their maximum potential all of the time will be extremely varied, but will often fall into one or more of a few broad categories, some of which are listed below:

  • Unhappy with working conditions
  • Not getting on well with colleagues or managers
  • Unsuitable for role/lack of required knowledge or training
  • Trouble at home or in personal life
  • Lack of resources to utilise on a task
  • Not enough time to get all tasks done or at least to the expected standard

  • How Will Business Coaching Help Improve Performance?

    The first step in improving performance is the identification of these problems. Open and honest discussions between the individual and the coach will serve to identify these issues in their entirety so that they can be tackled. This will involve creating dedicated action plans which the person will follow. On their own they have obviously struggled to overcome these issues and obstacles to their progression or potential, but with the guidance and support of an experienced business coach they should have a much greater probability of success.

    The business coach will not provide all of the answers like a course tutor on a training course, but instead will work with and encourage the individual to largely formulate their own action plan. This will give the person much more ownership of the process, which will nearly always give them a great deal more motivation and dedication to the task if they feel they are largely responsible for its creation rather than simply being ordered and told what to do by their boss.

    Once the problems have been tackled and eliminated, or at the very least materially reduced, the employee is likely to enjoy higher levels of motivation in the workplace. As such, they will be much more productive, which is likely to coincide with the stated objectives of the company; typically, the increase in profit margins and therefore overall profit levels.