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Is Business Coaching Just For Managers with Many Subordinates?

There can be a misconception that business coaching is only really suitable for senior managers in large companies who have many subordinates and employees under their particular command, either because of the perceived cost involved or because of an idea that coaching is only necessary for those responsible for looking after large teams.

The reality is that business coaching is suitable and beneficial for managers of any organisation or department size, whether that particular manager is responsible for one person or thousands. The provision of business coaching for employees is fundamentally aimed at maximising the performance of the people in the department being coached, as the sessions will aim to determine and discover what is preventing them being as effective as they can be in their job role, and will seek to devise and put into place suitable remedial action to overcome such metaphorical obstacles.

This therefore means that business coaching and mentoring sessions are suitable for those in any size of organisation as no matter what size the business is there will always be employees who are not fulfilling their potential or achieving the targets and expectations which management want from them.

As far as large organisation are concerned, or managers who have a lot of people to look after, it will often be more cost-effective for the manager themselves to attend a course and achieve a qualification such as the ILM Level 5 Coaching Certificate which will then enable them to provide effective business coaching sessions for their employees, ideally on a one-to-one basis.

If however it is a small business or the manager is only in charge of a small department with a handful of people then it may be possible for them to release them for a few hours for each staff member to receive coaching from an external business coach, not to mention the manager themselves. External business coaches are often far more effective as not only is it their profession, but the fact that they are external to the business and therefore impartial means that employees are often far more forthcoming about issues within the company, especially if those issues involve their manager and they would not feel comfortable about raising it with them.

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