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Performance Reviews and Business Coaching

Performance reviews play a big part in any manager's armoury when it comes to keeping tabs on the progress and development of the employees for which they are responsible. Failing to keep a check on what they are up to or, more specifically, the direction in which they are going, can result in them progressing down a path where the skills they are learning and developing are not the ones that the manager feels would benefit the organisation or company the most.

Business coaching and performance reviews often go hand-in-hand in that the findings of a performance review can form the basis or starting point for a business coaching session which aims to address the findings and/or the issues which are holding the employee back from fulfilling their potential in the workplace.

Regular and frequent performance reviews and business coaching meetings are far more preferable than either infrequent ones or those which take place, say, once every year. This is because waiting such a long time can not only mean the employee can be developing the wrong skills for a long time before it is noticed and they are steered towards the correct path in terms of what the manager wants, but also because a large gap in between performance review meetings can allow both managers and employees to forget what happened earlier on in the year and only focus on the things that happened recently. Important issues may therefore not be addresses which obviously is in nobody's best interests when it comes to maximising performance.