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First Line Management Training

Being a new manager can be a daunting experience. Many first time managers find themselves in the role often without meaning to, but because they have particular knowledge, or, more likely, the division or department needs to hire extra workers and this person has been the one given the task of getting them to work together, usually because they have the most experience or are the most knowledgeable about he subject matter.

Very few managers are born with all the skills they need to be an effective manager. In fact, the best managers and leaders are constantly learning and adapting to new situations and new people, as well as changes in working practices and changing legislation. Even those who are deliberately being trained to be a manager will not know everything, so it is even more likely that those new managers who are thrust into the position will require a one-off or series of management training courses to not only give them the skills, but also the confidence to manage effectively.

First line management training courses like those from the BCF Group can furnish those attending with not only the leadership and managerial skills needed, but also the vital people management techniques which are necessary to get the best out of the people who the new manager will be responsible for. By having a happy and motivated team, the manager will find it much easier to get objectives accomplished, and reduce the occurrences of time-consuming issues such as conflict resolution, staff turnover and mistakes which lead to waste and increased expenditure.

Along with management training, a new manager may also benefit greatly from business coaching sessions which allow them to talk through any issues they have with an impartial business coach who is external to the organisation, which allows the new manager to have a frank and open discussion about how they feel.