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Environmental Policy

Introduction and Objective


Our environmental policy is simply to ensure that Pansophix, its partners, associates, team members, suppliers and customers believe in and respect the values and beliefs of society and maintain and contribute to the protection of our environment and the planet to which we owe so much.


To respect people no matter their background, beliefs, values, culture or race; to be actively involved in breaking down barriers by being supportive, encouraging total involvement, courteous and well mannered when interacting with one or more persons.


Health and Safety Training

Environmental health and safety is extremely important. Pansophix will engage in appropriate training in health and safety to manage risk and prevent harm to the environment or people, such as COSHH training or the NEBOSH National Diploma in Environmental Management.

Waste Management

All (see Note 1 below) shall ensure that any aspects relating to their duty of care and waste management are met and maintained at all times. This will include the following specific measures:

Waste Minimisation

All shall endeavour to minimise waste in line with the following principles ...

Material and Storage

All shall ensure that materials are stored in such a manner as not to cause risk to the environment and, where possible, use non-toxic materials. (Related section on COSHH: click here


All shall ensure that a high standard of housekeeping and litter control is established and maintained.


To ensure minimal impact on the environment from vehicles, all shall give due regard and implement the following...

Noise and Nuisance

Care shall be taken by individuals to ensure good conduct in order to gain and maintain trust of the community. Specifically problems to be prevented include ...

Energy Conservation

Making best use of energy resources to ensure we play our part in the reduction of global warming. Specifically by ...

Environmental Auditing

Pansophix will undertake environmental auditing and make any corrective action that may be required.

Note 1: All - refers to anyone working for Pansophix.