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Are In-House NEBOSH General Certificate Courses Too Expensive?

Health and safety training courses can often be categorised either as open courses where individuals from any industry and job type can enrol, and those which are provided on an in-house basis for a group of employees from the same company or organisation. Often these in-house courses are personalised and tailored to the individual requirements, working practices and industrial environment of the company in question, however with accredited health and safety qualifications like the NEBOSH General Certificate this is not always possible as these need to follow a standard set syllabus.

Whilst in-house courses like bespoke COSHH training are highly targeted and beneficial for those attending, they are often more expensive, although providers including Associated Training who charge a daily training fee rather than a per delegate cost may end up being less expensive per head than sending them all on an open course. These bespoke health and safety courses will only usually last one or two days, which makes the cost not too bad, but with the NEBOSH General Certificate comprising ten days of training with another day for exams, the price for running an in-house NEBOSH General Certificate course can often be prohibitively expensive, especially with delegate numbers often being capped so that the course tutor can ensure that they spend enough time answering the queries of each person to give them a better chance of passing the assessments.

Whilst a NEBOSH General Certificate will provide a person with far more health and safety knowledge, large companies with many employees requiring training will often opt for a shorter course for them such as the IOSH Working Safely or the NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work. These can be delivered in a far shorter period of time and so will be less expensive than running an in-house NEBOSH General Certificate course, although it will not qualify staff to as high a level. A company therefore needs to determine what level of training its employees require not only to satisfy any legal requirements but also to maintain a safe working environment and minimise the potential of accidents occurring.

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