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Health and Safety

The topic of health and safety is a wide and varied one. Primarily, the role of health and safety is to keep people safe and minimise the risk of them being killed, injured or suffer ill-health as a result of a particular activity.

Health and safety often gets a bad press and a reputation for being responsible for the cancelling of events. In reality, this has more to do with the explosive growth in the compensation culture than anything else. Health and safety is not about eliminating all risks. This would be impossible, and could only be achieved by cancelling everything and making everybody sit quietly indoors (although even then the ceiling may collapse or something!). In actuality, rather than wishing to cancel events, health and safety is more concerned with eliminating risks as far as is reasonably practical and that all suitable precautions have been put in place to prevent injury or illness.

As far as health and safety in the workplace is concerned, great strides have been made since the industrial revolution in terms of successive legislation giving more protection to workers by forcing employers to comply with regulations such as minimum working ages and number of hours, compulsory rest breaks, the types of hazardous substances allowed to be used in certain processes, mandatory provision and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE), and many more.

Along with complying with legislation and providing safety equipment/precautions, educating employees on the dangers and risks they face whilst at work by having them attend suitable training courses, such as the health and safety courses provided by the BCF Group Limited, will give workers a greater understanding of how their actions (or lack of action) can put themselves or others at risk. This combination of education and safety provisions/precautions can contribute to a workplace which is safe for all and reduces the risk of injury or ill-health to as low as practically possible.

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