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Health and Safety NVQ

A health and safety NVQ is often an ideal qualification for those who would struggle to take the time off from work in order to travel and attend a traditional training course which is taught in a classroom by a course tutor. This can often be one of the major hurdles and preventative reasons for both individuals and managers being unwilling to send themselves or individuals under their employ on training courses, even when it is glaringly obvious that their qualifications and level of knowledge fall below an acceptable level. The demands of the workplace and the requirement to get tasks achieved in a certain timeframe often mean opportunities to get away from the workplace cannot be found in the schedule.

A training course will provide a great deal of information regarding health and safety issues and staying safe in the workplace, which will either be new to the delegate or serve as a useful refresher to their existing knowledge. For those who just want a recognised accredited qualification then an NVQ such as the City and Guilds NVQ Level 5 health and safety qualification or NVQ Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice to give it its proper title is a well-respected and popular alternative to a classroom-based health and safety qualification like a NEBOSH General Certificate for example which requires attending delegates to take two weeks out of the workplace to attend the training days, not to mention at least one more day for taking the assessments at the conclusion.

This is why many people will opt for an NVQ, but to do so they will need to already be in a job role which allows them to collect suitable evidence to fulfil each unit that makes up the requirements of the NVQ qualification. Whilst anybody will be able to enrol on a NEBOSH General Certificate or a course at a lower academic level, only those who can demonstrate that they are in an acceptable health and safety role in their workplace will be eligible for enrolment on a health and safety NVQ. Even if it would be a far more convenient way of acquiring a qualification for them, no matter how much they wish to enrol if they are not in a suitable job role they will not be able to, or at least will not be able to satisfy enough criteria and collect enough suitable evidence in order to achieve the NVQ, which would be highly undesirable after paying out so much money for it! This is why reputable health and safety training providers like ATC Risk Management predetermine the suitability of NVQ candidates through a CV, job description and initial assessment before taking money from them.

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