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How Does the NEBOSH General Certificate Facilitate Planning?

Without proper planning the overall level of health and safety within an organisation can be less than its potential effectiveness at best, and sometimes downright inadequate and dangerous. If managers do not have a thorough knowledge and awareness of the risks to health and safety appropriate to the specific industry their company is engaged in, along with all applicable legislation and regulations, then they cannot effectively plan and facilitate a suitable health and safety culture of policy within the business as they will not have the competency in safety matters which is needed.

As with a lot of things in life, a little knowledge can often be a dangerous thing as a person thinks they know what they are doing without being fully competent. This is where suitable health and safety training comes into play in order to provide course attendees with this knowledge.

One such qualification which provides a significant amount of information for those who achieve it is the NEBOSH National General Certificate. The syllabus of this course contains information on a wide-range of safety and health issues regarding workplace safety, including necessary aspects of United Kingdom legislation which needs to be adhered to if the company and its managers/directors want to avoid possible criminal or civil consequences.

The information taught on the NEBOSH General Certificate course is therefore valuable for planning health and safety procedures and policies designed to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and nearby members of the public, as well as that of the local environment and the plant and animal life dependent upon it. This is why many managers and those responsible for health and safety within their organisation have taken and achieved a qualification such as the NEBOSH General Certificate or even a higher qualification like the NEBOSH Diploma whilst obviously keeping up to date with the latest changes and developments to laws and legislation which will have an impact upon how they run the business and treat employees.

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