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The Importance of Studying on NEBOSH Courses

Health and safety courses attract people with all sorts of attitudes, and NEBOSH courses are certainly no exception. There are those who have been forced to attend by their company and have little enthusiasm for studying or even paying attention to the course tutor, whilst others crave health and safety knowledge and throw themselves into self-study and learning with eagerness and fervour.

As far as NEBOSH courses are concerned, the majority of the most popular ones contain a vast quantity of information which needs to be learnt, understood and then applied in the examinations and project. These include the NEBOSH General Certificate where self-study is important along with the mighty NEBOSH Diploma which most definitely requires particular dedication as a person cannot hope to complete it and achieve the qualification without putting in the effort and dedicating themselves to the cause.

For some health and safety training courses it will be possible for a person to breeze through the training and pass assessments from any information they do pick up during the course or purely from their existing health and safety knowledge or past training. However the NEBOSH General and Diploma courses will require the time and effort to be put in, particularly the Diploma as this requires candidates to complete approximately 225 hours of self-study over the duration of the course. Obviously this means that anyone who has been told by their employer to go on the course and achieve the qualification will struggle to do so if they do not come with the attitude required to conduct appropriate self-study and revision. It is therefore necessary for a manager who is contemplating sending one or more of their employees on a health and safety course like the comprehensive (and expensive!) NEBOSH ones that the person does indeed have the desire to undertake such a time consuming and intensive task as achieving these qualifications is. Otherwise the employer will simply be throwing away a lot of money on sending their delegate to attend a training course which will take up a lot of time away from the workplace and not actually give them an accredited qualification at the end of it all.

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