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Waste, Health and Safety & the Environment

As populations rise so too does the amount of waste which is produced by this increasing number of people as they consume more goods. Although there has been a tremendous upsurge in recycling initiatives and subsequently the amount of material which is recycled and re-used, negating the need for brand new items, it is still the case that the majority of items still need to be manufactured from raw materials. Not only does this have an impact upon the environment in terms of the consumption of raw materials such as oil for the manufacture of plastics, but there is also a waste issue regarding two separate areas:

1) Many newly-manufactured machines which are bought are purchased to replace old, existing ones. If these are not recycled, they will be discarded and become waste in a landfill or similar site.

2) Making new products also creates waste and leftovers from the manufacturing process. Although many companies try to re-use items such as melting down metal off-cuts to make new sheets of material to cut, in many cases this is not possible and by-products have to be thrown out as waste.

Anybody who wants a course which is dedicated purely to environment issues and covers in detail the topics of waste, environmental impacts and the effects on health and safety for both people and other living creatures then the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is the course of choice. The syllabus covers issues including environmental management systems, pollution and energy efficiency to name just a few.

For those who do not need or desire a course which focuses solely on the environment, but instead one which has environmental issues as an element of the course syllabus, then the NEBOSH General Certificate will be a good option. Not only will the NEBOSH General Certificate cover waste issues like waste management, but it will also have an element on hazardous substances too which is a related issue as different substances will have varying impacts upon the environment when disposed of, not to mention certain waste materials requiring special disposal and storage methods.

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