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Health and Safety NVQ or NEBOSH General Certificate?

The NEBOSH General Certificate and a health and safety NVQ qualification are roughly the same price amongst those providers who offer both, and create a decision for many people as to which one would be more suitable for their needs. This is because the methods of achieving them contrast greatly as they are two very different qualifications, so choosing whether to take on a health and safety NVQ or study for a NEBOSH General Certificate will depend upon weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each, along with the eligibility criteria, and determining which one would be more suitable based on an individual's current circumstances.

NEBOSH General Certificate

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a taught course where the information is provided to the delegate. Although there will be a requirement and a need for the individual to undertake significant self-study and revision in order to give themselves a good chance of passing the examinations and project assessment at the conclusion of the training, all of the actual information will be taught and provided. It is then up to the candidate to learn and understand it and apply it to the assessments. Despite being a comprehensive qualification, a NEBOSH General Certificate has no pre-requisites or requirement for a person to have undertaken any previous health and safety training or have any experience of a health and safety role, which makes it a popular starting point for those either desiring a standalone health and safety qualification or beginning a path for progression to higher level qualifications like the NEBOSH National Diploma for instance.

Although some providers offer the NEBOSH General Certificate via cheaper distance learning or e-learning formats, this is a tough way to pass such a substantial course, and pass rates are far higher when attending a classroom-based training course with a tutor. In fact, with the amount that may need to be spent on exam re-sits it can ultimately be less expensive in the long run to enrol on a classroom NEBOSH General Certificate course in the first place! This does however mean that delegates will need to travel to a training venue, and pay for accommodation costs if needed.

Health and Safety NVQ

A health and safety NVQ qualification is achieved through the collection and submission of evidence gathered during the course of a person's workplace activities. Not only does this enable them to progress towards achieving the qualification at the same time as they do their job, rather than having to set aside time to study or attend a training course, but it also negates the need for them to travel to a training venue like they would have to do if they undertook a classroom-based NEBOSH General Certificate or other course.

However, in order to be eligible for an NVQ a person must obviously be in a suitable job role to enable them to gather such evidence. If they are not, they will not be able to complete an NVQ qualification. Also, as nothing is actually taught, they will not learn any new health and safety information which can be taken back to the workplace and utilised to make it a safer place and minimise the chances of accidents, which is ultimately the main objective of health and safety education. Health and safety NVQ candidates must also have a pre-existing knowledge regarding issues such as risks assessments and health and safety policies, as again these will not be taught.

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